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Choosing A Right Nappy *Advice*
Choosing A Nappy
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Classic Rectangular Pads & Booster (or Insert) Pads

Classic Rectangular Pads are primarily designed for use with pouch pants or net/mesh pants, they have a waterproof backing and a ‘stay-dry’ fabric between the pad and your skin and these are designed to ensure that the urine goes into the pad and not through to your skin or clothing,

Booster (or ‘Insert’) Pads are quite different to all other pads in that they do not have any waterproof backsheet. This is done intentionally as these pads are designed to be used in conjunction with another product, for example pull up pants or All-in-Ones, to reinforce the overall absorption level.  By allowing liquid to flow through them it means the booster pad will absorb some liquid but also allow the outer product to absorb a further amount thus increasing the overall absorption. These pads should not be used on their own for that reason  

These pads are most suitable for light to moderate urinary incontinence; if you are experiencing more severe symptoms this is not the most appropriate type of pad for you.

Shaped Pads

Shaped Pads fall into two categories, Small Shaped or Large Shaped, and there is a considerable difference in the physical size of the pad between the two. The Small Shaped Pads are for light to moderate incontinence and the Large Shaped Pads for Moderate to Heavy conditions.

These pads are contoured to fit the body thus ensuring a good snug fit and reducing the risk of any leakage.

Typically they will have a waterproof backing and stay dry layer to prevent any embarrassing leakages. They can be held in place by special net underpants, although most of the Small Shaped pads will have a sticky strip on the back to aid positioning and can also be worn with the users own close fitting underwear. 

Pull Up Incontinence Pants

If you are experiencing light or moderate to heavy incontinence and like the idea of killing two birds with one stone, pants with built in pads are the perfect option.

Pull up incontinence pants are a popular choice as they are worn in the same manner as regular underwear. They have a built in absorbent pad and are completely disposable.

A range of absorbency levels are available in this type of product starting from a light/discreet product through to varieties aimed at moderate and heavy conditions. These will also typically have a waterproof but breathable backsheet and lock in core providing excellent skin integrity.   It is important get the correct size for the user so you should enquire with your supplier to ensure you get the correct fit.

Tip : Many of these disposable pants will have tear away side for easy removal after use.

All-in-one Pads

If you are experiencing severe leakages, these pads are ideal. Suitable for both urinal and faecal leakage, All-in-one Pads are designed much like a nappy. They have adhesive tapes either side - these hold the pad in place.

Just like the other pad types that we have mentioned, All-in-one Pads contain a waterproof layer to ensure that your clothing and furniture is well protected should you leak.

If you purchase an All-in-one Pad you wont need to wear underwear as these are designed to replace the need for such under layers.

Tip : Two different : (Breathable) best to wear plastic pants & (Plastic) more better to wear

Waterproof Pants / Plastic Pants

Waterproof pants or plastic pants are designed to provide you with that added security when using incontinence pads.

All you do is place them over your regular underwear and the elasticated leg openings and waist will ensure that no leaks occur  saving you from any embarrassment.

Stretch Pants

We all love a good pair of stretch pants. For incontinence purposes, stretch pants are mesh support that is very similar to the top of a pair of tights.

Being tight fitting they are designed to keep your pad in place and they are primarily suited to be worn with larger incontinence pads.
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