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U.K. Adult Nappy Brands
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*Tena Slip Attends Slip Abri - Form
Age UK Slip *Boots Stay Dry Slip Euron Form (iD Expert)
Contifit Cuddlz *Huggies Drynites
Lille Supreme Molicare Proform
*Underjams Pampers Drylife Slip Tender Care
*Buy In Shops or Supermarkets
Plastic / Cloth Backing
(Information On What To Choice)

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Abri - Form M1 *Cloth Backing
Abri - Form M3 *Cloth Backing
Age UK Slip *Cloth Backing
Attends M8 Active Slip Plastic Backing
Attends M9 Active Slip Cloth/Plastic Backing
Boots Stay Dry Slip Cloth/Plastic Backing
Contifit Plastic Backing
Cuddlz All Over Printed Plastic Backing
Huggies Drynites *Cloth Backing
Euron Form Plastic Backing
Inda Slip Maxi Plastic Backing
Lille Supreme *Cloth Backing
Molicare Premium Soft Extra *Cloth Backing
Molicare Premium Soft Maxi *Cloth Backing
Molicare Premium Soft Plus *Cloth Backing
Molicare Premium Soft Super *Cloth Backing
Super Dry Kids - V1 Plastic Backing
Tena Pull Up Pants *Cloth Backing
Tena Slip Maxi Plastic Backing
Tena Slip Plus *Cloth Backing
Tena Slip Super *Cloth Backing
Tender Care Plastic Backing
Underjams Pampers *Cloth Backing
*Best To Wear Plastic Pants Over Them
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