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Mummy Grace (Personal Nursery Visit)
Monday, June 25, 2018
Mummy Grace’s Nursery Experience

Firstly I like to take this opertunerty to thank Mummy Grace & Blankie Lover for the nursery experience I had and it was that special I went home in tears from enjoying myself there and love it so much I hope to return again soon and relive my baby/toddler side..

I first met Blankie Lover at a local bus station in which he picked me up from in his car and which was close to where Mummy Grace lived, When arriving there I felt so comfortable and relax on how she presented herself that she was very beautiful and seemed that you could talk to her and she would understand your needs on what you like to be offered when staying in her nursery, She taken me to her little office in which I striped down to my wet nappy which I was wearing and put safe all my stuff away and taken into the nursery in which was very lovely and tidy and cosy. Mummy got all the changing stuff and changed my wet nappy and into a fresh one and got me in toddler cloths and we went to have a nice chat on the sofa cuddling and Mummy seemed that I was thirsty which she brought me a sippy cup and began to feed it me. It was amazing how long the time that I was there soon sadly ended.

The experience with having a such wonderful Mummy to talk to and be cared for was 1000% well worth going !!!

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Mummy Grace Nursery (Revisited)
Monday, June 25, 2018

A very BIG Thank You again to Mummy Grace & Blankie for a wonderfull time and to be invitied back
to there nursery and thought to share my experience with you :

Blankie met me at there local bus station to pick me up to take me to the nursery
where Mummy Grace was waiting for a great BIG cuddle for me and she invited me
into her fabulors new home which was so welcomeing and bright.

I first got settled down with Mummy Grace with a chat over a cup of tea and felt great to be back
visiting her again, seeing i had a fantastic time when last time I seen her.  After when I finished my
drink I was taken upto her nursery on where it was nice with bright colours and wonderful relaxing smell
and soothing that I felt very welcomed to be there.

I got my wet nappy changed and after a pamper treatment I was taken back into the living room to cuddle
upto Mummy Grace and watched a disney film.  Mummy Gace went to prepered a snack for me and always made
sure to check I was always ok and sucking on my dummy watching the film and she came in placing a bib around me
and began to feed me and stright after sip my sippy cup of juice and got my cuddles from Mummy Grace. 

Once the film finished it was time to get ready for home time and Mummy Grace checked my nappy before I went home and changed
me back in the nursery and got ready to go.  Mummy Grace said said her goodbyes with a BIG cuddle and blankie to take me back to bus
station. I had the most wonderfull time and always like to recommend others to visit Mummy Grace on what she does and have a great experience
with her and her wonderful nursery..

please visit

Mummy Amandas Nursery
Monday, June 25, 2018

I have been invited to a special birthday celebration at Mummys Amandas Nursery to celebrate
Baby Bonnie's Party With Baby Caffy & 2 Nannys & Cater Chef.

When I got to the local train station I was picked up by the beautiful Nanny Leigh and was
taken to Mummy Amandas Nursery. As soon I got in I taken my shoes off and went up the stairs
and taken for a lovely baby bath to get ready for the party. I met the other beautiful Nanny Elizbeth
in which then I was taken from the baby bath to get pampered in the nursery. I was placed into
a very thick nappy and wear a romper suit and then met the beautiful Mummy Amanda and then went
into the front room which was also there was 2 other sissy babies named Baby Bonnie (Birthday Girl)
and Baby Caffy and we all including 2 Nannys and Mummy had some great chat and we had some party
food and drinks and of cause a Great birthday cake and once we finished we got to play with some
games and I had ago in a baby swing and on the floor was a piano which was fun :-)

Everyone had a fantastic time there and was so beautiful place to be in front of others that the
experance was amazing and nice to meet some wonderfull friends there

I like to thank everyone who was there : Mummy, 2 Nannys, Chef, 2 Sissy Babies, who invited me
and inviting to there family xx

Cuddlz Bright Dayz Pattern Disposable Adult Nappies / Diapers
Monday, June 25, 2018

Cuddlz Bright Dayz Pattern Disposable Adult Nappies / Diapers

These are very cute when wearing them and was also little bulky but little BIG on me due to being size Large on me.

Ease Of Use : Great when walking around and did not make to much crickle

Fit : Sadly bit BIG but feel very comfy when wearing

Absorbency : Lot’s of wettings and NO leaks !!

Tapes : 1 big tape each side (reuseable on plastic)

Photos Of Me Wearing Them For 24 Hours :

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