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Here Are Some Questions And Answers *Advice & Help & Support*

Help : Need help with my website or can you support me what to do to make a website ?

Advice : If you don't ask, you don't get ! so ask me :-) you never know !

Help :
Where To Buy Adult Nappies / Pads (Shops) *U.K.* ?

Advice : Boots pharmacy / chemist *Stay Dry Slips* or supermarket store *Tena Slips*

Help : Best Way Stop Smell Of Pee With Cloth/Breathable Adult Nappies / Pads ?

Advice : Wear plastic pants over them :-)

Help : Washing Plastic Pants Making Soft ?

Advice : Fill a sink with fairly warm water that’s not too hot for you to put your hand in without discomfort. Add a few of drops of very mild liquid soap and gently hand wash. Then drain the basin, refill with plain water and rinse thoroughly.

Help : Where Is The Best Place To Change Adult Nappies / Pads When Out In Public ?

Advice : Changing places (Require Radar Key) information (Click Here)

Help : Best Terry Nappy Folds ?

Advice : There are lot's here to help (Click Here)

Help : Need Help About Bedwetting ?

Advice :  Try (Clicking Here)
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